Tiger Woods Is An Amazing Dad: Lindsey Vonn


Olympic champ Lindsey Vonn feels herself fortunate to be a part of lives of Woods’ 2 children & has remarked both the legendary golfer dad & his juniors are simply ‘amazing’.

Vonn is in awe of Tiger’s parenting skills and she is visibly impressed with his 6-year-old son & 7-year-old daughter.

‘They are great. They are such amazing kids & he is an amazing dad”, Vonn shared in one of her recent press meets.

“I feel kind of privileged here to be with them & try to help as much as possible. They are wonderful kids & I just love them.”

Lindsey has a significant presence in Woods’ children’s lives for a while now. Right from the beginning of her relation with Tiger, she has been with him while he used to take the kids to school & later escort them across the course during Tour Championship 2013.

She was even present when the two kids joined up with their dad during Augusta practice this year & when he participated in Par-3 Masters Contest.

Lindsey, who by now, has been almost a constant presence in Tiger’s tournaments, has fondly called the former # 1 “teddy bear”. Woods too have supported her presence by being at her shows. Most importantly, Vonn is always found strongly defending her man before media.

Woods & Vonn have together posed a very private and close relationship. When speculations about this supercouple’s romance first emerged, many thought that it’s just another fling & would whizz away soon. According to some it was a mere PR stunt as Woods was trying hard to recover his image given his infamous infidelity scandal & Lindsey was recovering from her divorce.

However, after all these years, the two are still together proving everybody wrong.