Rory McIlroy’s Wedding Plans


With his wedding coming up this weekend, there is a lot of news that his fans and followers are getting from the media and otherwise.

The venue is a luxury hotel based in an iconic castle in Ireland; the wedding would be one of lavish proportions. There is nothing left behind the curtains as all of the old exes and previously planned weddings are discussed as well.

While Stoll got engaged with Ilroy in 2015 December, there is much to discuss, such as the wedding that was to be with Ilroy’s ex, Caroline Wozniacki, who had been part of his life and at the time when they split, the wedding invitations had also been sent out. Then again, there are exes like Sweeney, who had dated McIlroy for a period of six years. But she is married now and informed the media that she harbored no ill feelings towards Rory. Not that it means they would invite each other their respective weddings.

Back to McIlroy’s performance in the courses, he came off tied to the seventh position this year at the Masters. He would have loved to earn the green jacket that he would have gained the permission to wear at this wedding, if he had earned it. Even though that dream is to be put off for another time, the wedding however is on and with the scale of arrangements being done, looks all set to be a grand event indeed. There would be stars like Niall of One Direction as well as Ed Sheeran flies in that night to perform. It is also rumored that Coldplay would also be performing at the wedding. Indeed, there is much to look forward to for the fans to follow on social media and other channels where news of the wedding would filter in.