McIlroy Will Not Be Seen On Social Media For Sometime


Last month was not good for one of the World’s top golfer Rory McIlroy.

And this is all because of the social media. According to McIlroy, he was dragged in the middle of the social media storm, when he had no fault. Steve Elkington, who was the winner of the PGA Championship, is also known as the man who is notoriously outspoken on social media like Twitter, tweeted that, McIlroy seems “bored” playing golf.

The whole incident proved extremely bad for Rory. Rory, before the start of Irish Open revealed that he was taking a hiatus from social media for an indefinite period of time, however he may come back at some point of time. In his twitter he said,
“Just because of this reason, for some time I am off from social media. I do not want to read the stuffs mentioned about me. These are the stuffs that shouldn’t get to anyone but sometimes it does.”

Rory said that, I got distressed not because the thing that was said on social media about me, but I was more upset because of the person. Anyone who is playing golf in the present time knows it well that how hard the golf has become.

His further words in the twitter were, if this would have been written by media’s member or somebody else, I could have not taken it so seriously and let it slide, this is because, these people don’t how it is and what kind of challenges a player has to deal with.

But when such comments come from a former player, who has won a major is really making the impact and that is why it got to me and this is only why I am replying to it.