Danny Willett wins Masters, dad says how he allowed him to skip school for practice


Danny Willett, UK’s new golf hero, became a US Masters Champion after his clergyman dad let him to bunk off school so that he can practice.

Rev Stephen Willett, his dad, had seen his son’s great talent when he was a kid.

He was so imprinted he took his kid to the driving range when he must have been learning in class. His mother, who was a math teacher, was not very impressed. But everything was forgiven when their id shocked the world by winning in Augusta on Sunday, gathering US$ 1.8 million top prize.

Danny’s dad and mom, the Reverend Stephen and Elisabet Willett, stated that they had seen their son’s “meteoric” rise in recent times in real astonishment. Vicar Mr Willett told that he has always believed that his scopes were great. He has never been particularly up with golf – he play it but he had no idea that he could do this. This is just magnificent.

Swedish born Mrs Willett remembered how the new champion first took up this game sport during his kid days with his brothers in a sheep field in Anglesey. Now staying on the North Wales’ island where it all started, she stated that gradually Danny got better and better than all the rest of them and they thought maybe there was something there. There were regular family rows when her husband served his kid skip school to practice his swing.