Woods Becomes The Highest Earner In Golf

The golf maestro, Tiger Woods, also the world number one has reached a record breaking income of US $1.3 billion in his career. He also leads the income list in the Golf Digest 50 where Adam Scott, the Australian stands in the eight position.

This is the 11th time that Tiger Woods is topping the charts and in addition to what he has already got there is a list of many more other earnings such as off the course earnings that amounts to US $71 million and other prize money that has amounted to US $12 million.

The 14 time major champion has still not called it a day and hopes to play more. The Golf Digest magazine reports that the winnings of Tiger Woods that amounts to US $155 million reflects only 12 per cent of what he has earned in his whole career so far. In this earning, US $1.16 billion came from his endorsements. He has been endorsing various products since his debut in 1996.

Although there was some personal turmoil in his career when he was ensuing a divorce and also was apparently convicted of an infamous sex scandal his popularity did not go down even for one day. The second person to be on the list in Golf Digest for the richest player is Phil Mickelson.

His total earnings so far has been US $52 million which is way below what Tiger Woods has earned. Phil also endorses many products and from there he has earned almost US $45 million. Apart from these there are other incomes too which includes all the prize money but the total amount has not yet been calculated and put down on the books. So here also Tiger Woods creates another record, one which would stay for a very long time.