Dufner makes bet with PGA professional

If you are not a huge Jason Dufner fan, the following tale might do the trick. It all begins with a man called Rob Labritz. If one could not recognize that name, a YouTube video might help.

Rob is a New York club pro who hit a wedge shot from ninety five yards at PGA Professional National Championship to get the final position in the pack at the PGA Championship this year.

Rob is not new to the glamour and glitz of the big time. It was his 4th appearance in the final major as well as he has long links all across the world of golf. It was through Frank Darby (St. John’s University coach), that Rob found himself in a practice round game at Oak Hill Country Club earlier on Tuesday last month.

Frank set up Rob with Keegan Bradley, who is one of his ex players and an ex PGA champ. The two of them would get ready for the event by playing a match against Dustin Johnson and Jason Dufner. On Tuesday morning, at 8:30, the four stood on the 1st tee at the venue and discussed the day’s wager. Rob told that Dustin Johnson and Jason Dufner started speaking about bet.

Labritz added that there was more than a sarcastic ornamentation laced in that bid. It was a bit more than his price range. He had to call off 2 ladies clinics as well as a junior clinic to be there that day.