Kim Withdraws from Wells Fargo Championship

American golfer Anthony Kim has withdrawn from the third straight PGA event last week after he announced that he would not participate in the Wells Fargo Championship having been unable to shake off the injury in his hand that had been bothering him for quite some time now.

Kim told the officials of the PGA Tour that he has been feeling immense pain in his right elbow and wrist as well as his left thumb, which he had surgically repaired almost two years back now. Although he said that he hasn’t had any structural damage this week, he has been unable to shake of the injury.

Kim also told the officials that he would review the options that he has before deciding whether he will be able to take part in the upcoming US PGA Tour Players Championship. He prepared a statement for the reporters about his withdrawal from another PGA Tour event, where Anthony Kim stated that he has played with injuries before but he is experienced now and knows that it only makes matters worse rather than better and as a result, he has decided to not play in the Wells Fargo Championship.

The statement also read that he will get it looked at by the specialists and do whatever he can to get back to full fitness. Currently lying at 210 in the money list of the PGA Tour, Kim stands to lose his PGA Tour card if he fails to finish the year inside the top 125 and the way things are going, it looks very bleak that he will be able to manage that.

Anthony Kim has already withdrawn from the Houston Open as well as the Texas Open and according to the statement; he hasn’t hit a ball for almost 10 days now after the Texas Open.